Club night. Walking in Iran

Date(s) - 4 Feb 2020


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Iran – but is it safe?

Iran is a country of mountains as well as deserts.  The Alborz Mountains in the north rise to 5670 meters and the Zagros Mountains of central Iran to 4,400 meters.  With a population of 80 million, there are many ordinary Iranians that are avid mountaineers, climbers, skiers and walkers.  Unless you happen to speak Farsi, most people that visit Iran to walk will want to use a local guide as good maps are not readily available.  John Hillard visited in July 2019 and will describe a week long walk among the snow-capped mountains in a remote part of the Zagros Range.  His experience, like that of virtually all visitors to Iran, was of friendly people, good food and superb mountain scenery.   hile the focus will be on the mountains, he’ll also talk about some of the amazing things there are to see in cities like Isfahan and Shiraz.


Senior  Citizens Rooms Wodonga. Visitors welcome.