China from North to South – Adventurous ( Non BBC trip)

Date(s) - 6 Jan 2013 until 20 Jan 2013


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Note ; Dates are subject to change January 2013 (17 days)

Leader: Deb Kahn  Phone: 02 6041 4202 before 8pm

China is more than big cities, large numbers of people and long walls. This trip to the world’s most populous country will reinforce this.  We will be travelling to China during their winter as this is when the world’s greatest annual Ice and Lantern Festival in Haerbin (Manchuria) takes place.  Other places on the trip include Beijing where we will visit Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and a whole day walking the Great Wall.  From Beijing we will head south west  visiting the pandas in Chengdu, Leishan and the giant carved Buddha.  Leaving the colder weather behind we head south east to Fujian Province, home to a minority group, the Hakka who still live in their traditional round mud brick communities.  Our final stop will be Yangshou where amongst other things we will have a cooking lesson, ride through the beautiful Karst countryside to Moon Hill and drink decent coffee. Waiting list only.