The walk previously known as: Beat the heat walk, breakfast and swim.

Date(s) - 9 Feb 2019


  • Ungraded
  • Leader: Bernadette gr 3
  • Phone: 0419241687
  • Pauline M gr 1
  • 0260213767
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date: Wed Feb 6th

UPDATED: Early February is usually the hottest part of our Summer, BUT I’ve managed to change that.  As the forecast is now for 28 …

You will have two choices:

Both walks will start and end at Noreuil Park.  After the walk both groups will meet and  stay for a picnic breakfast (or maybe morning tea) and a swim (or float) if you like.  There are BBQs if you’d like to cook but otherwise just pack something that you can leave in your car until after the walk.

Walk one will start at 8.30am and the group will wander along our beautiful Murray River tracks for about an hour.  This is a grade 1 walk. Ring Pauline M if this appeals.

Walk two will start at 7.30am and will do a figure 8 walk exploring the gardens, Monument Hill, Nail Can Hill and part of the river track.  This short grade 3  walk will be around 2 hours and includes a few short, sharp ascents and descents.  Ring Bernadette to join this group.