Bogong Village Black Possum Spur circuit – 15 April 2017


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 Map(s) Used: Bogong Alpine Area 1:50000, but 1:25000 Fainter & Nelse sheets have more detail

This was rated as exploratory because it is at least 10 years since I last did it and on that occasion (post-fires) the track was very overgrown.

The walk starts from the picnic ground at the southern end of Bogong Village, past the power station and the tennis courts, but because access to this requires a very sharp turn it is easier to drive to the northern end by the lake and toilets to turn around and find the road on the way back (follow power station signs).

From the picnic ground, cross the footbridge over the creek and follow an obvious track. Very soon there is a track junction, Black Possum Spur Track goes off on the right, steeply, past a pylon. A small sign confirms this. Follow this track, a broad 4WD fire trail, as it climbs steeply for about 4 km, or about 1.5 hours of walking.

The track leads to an obvious track junction which is just about the highest point of the walk. The tracks are signposted but the names don’t match those on the map! Take the track on the right. It climbs gently for a short distance then swings round and circles down back to the start of the walk. The track was in excellent condition, a bit rocky underfoot but wide and easy to see. Along the way there are interesting views up to Spion Kopje. There were a few boggy spots where creeks cross the track. There are no ‘landmarks’ or signposts, so it is a bit hard to know far there is to go, so stop for lunch when hungry. The descent gets steeper as you approach the crossing of the Rocky Valley Creek. This is broad and quite fast flowing, but not very deep (boot top height). This may be a more difficult crossing in spring with snow melt, or after heavy rain, and it may be wise to check it before starting the walk.

After crossing the creek, the track climbs for about 1 km, coming out at a junction with the Spion Kopje Track beside the Falls Creek Road. A track on the right (bitumen) descends back to the start of the walk.

It was an excellent walk through tall timber and in an area not visited by the Club for a long time. The track was broad and easy to follow provided you had a map. The walk was about 17 km and took about 6 hrs with stops for food and photos. Great day all round!